Sexy Tory and Seth Gamble

Hey there fellas! It’s been a while since we saw each other and it’s good to have you back! We though of bringing around something different so we found this amazing scene where this hottie is going to seduce Seth! How did this thing start? Well, this guy was pretty indifferent to her and she thought it might be time for a change! That is why this nasty babe invited him into her office! Are you willing to see what happened over there? Take a seat and watch!

As she knew that this guy kept refusing her, she thought she might give it a try! This guy came into her office, took a seat on her couch and she came closer! This nasty babe took her pants off so that he could see that sexy ass of hers and also those extra large boobies that someone should have taken care of! Next thing we knew he started to spank her and things got more heated up as usual! He was pretty impressed of this babe’s amazing curves and they were going to do something more! If you wanna see this entire scene and maybe more from where this came from, have a seat, join us and we will do the rest!

Tory Lane & Seth Gamble

Watch here nasty Tory showing off her curves!